3rd edition​


2030 coming soon: seize the most innovative possibilities for your sector and stay one step ahead of new trends

March 21, 2024 | Brussels​

Who you are going to meet​

  • CEOs
  • Public Affairs Directors
  • Regulatory Affairs Directors
  • Digital Health Directors
  • Healthcare Directors
  • Strategy Directors
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Data Protection Officers / DATA / IA Directors
  • Patient’s journey directors
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • R&D Directors
  • Marketing Directors

The format

A full day in-person event to access high quality information from top speakers and network with your peers, C-level Healthcare professionals from all over the world.

What will be discussed

In 2022, medical technology alone represented 27.3% of the entire world market*.

This figure is well reflected in the number of new regulations which are aiming to create a specific framework for delivering healthcare in the most efficient and most innovative way, such as the European Health Data Space (2023) and the AI Act (2023) are doing.

Have you already identified the common ground of the new regulations? The latest technologies appear to be the common denominator for the development of new ways of healthcare delivery, enhancing the patient’s journey possibilities and potential. Digital mental health solutions, AI-driven medical devices, and soon even AI-developed drugs are some of the reasons why it should be a priority for you to be one step ahead of the regulatory framework to ensure the best care pathway possible.

What if technology followed the healthcare industry needs instead of the healthcare industry running after the most advanced tech, which would probably not be globally scalable?

Does the answer hide in the Healthcare professionals’ and patients’ hands? If so, your business should take action and involve them in the conversation.

Take part in the discussion and meet your peers from all across Europe at the

March 21st, 2024, in Brussels

This event is part of the Global Healthcare Club

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GHC is a global C-level community involved in the development of the health of tomorrow across all regions, encompassing regulation, development, and production: laboratories, manufacturers of medical devices, insurance companies, patient group associations etc.

8.30 AM : Welcome breakfast


9.10 AM – [REFORM]

Pharmaceutical Reform to adopt by 2025: still a hot topic for the year to come? Unmet needs, improved patient outcomes, economic benefit…Everything you need to know but were afraid to ask

  • Focus on one of the most awaited reforms of the last 20 years: Pharma R&D processes using AI-enabled digital platforms
  • The ongoing debate on Minding the Pharma Gap: anticipate the next amendments and get ready for new evidence requirements
  • FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reuse) data principles: the essentials for drug discovery

09.50 AM – [EHDS]

The time has come: the European Health Data Space is taking off since the beginning of the year. From patient data access to secondary use of health data for business, is the industry ready to seize the latest challenges?

  • How to fully implement the new regulation requirements and be compliant by 2025: find out more from an expert’s advice on increased digital access, EHR systems, and health data access control
  • Health Data sharing is caring… within certain boundaries? The tricky question of cross-border health data


Feedback from the global organization supporting countries for a good access to health systems: find out more about the action plan towards 2030

  • Almost absent evaluation of digital solutions, digital health illiteracy… 83% of EU countries have nowadays developed data governance on the paper: what about the reality of digitalization?

10.50 AM – Networking Coffee break


The perfect alliance for business opportunities and risks: convincing leaders to invest in healthcare innovation is a matter of consolidated cooperation

  • Feedback from the biggest Patient’s community in Europe on the advocacy work for policy-making: is the dialogue with the private sector fruitful?
  • Have your say: how can businesses enhance patients’ communities cooperation and education and take advantage of communities’ involvement without missing any business piece?


Changing a supply model to make therapies safer and more affordable: case study from a start-up betting on close-to-the-patient care

Reducing carbon footprint, reducing costs drastically, improving the patient journey through IoT and cell therapies: sustainable healthcare in the making

12.40 PM – Networking Lunch break : Meet your peers


1.45 PM – [AI ACT]

State of the art of the implementation process: how to take the best advantage of the newest AI technologies within a strictly regulated framework to take up by early 2024

  • Technical implications in the implementation process: the role of risk-assessment in the use of AI for healthcare delivery
  • AI and healthcare: how can this alliance be enhanced all whilst strengthening rules around data quality, transparency, human oversight and accountability?


An ageing society: zoom in the latest trends to enhance patient adoption of digital health solutions in the elderly population

  • Virtual health coaches, digital twins, more than just connected devices. How can you enhance behavioural change in healthcare for a smarter patient journey?
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Enhanced Health Care Provider (HCP)… how can the role of Medical Directors and traditional Healthcare Providers change through the lenses of AI for a more efficient and cost-effective care?

2.45 PM – [DATA]

When pharma becomes a health data hub: innovative tools for the creation of a renewed business model based on multi-modal data sets

Which data do business need to have access to in order to facilitate research and innovation?

3.15 PM – [NEXT STEPS]

Healthcare data (information from clinical trials, disease registries, EHRs…), is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 36 percent.* How about trying quantum computing to stay one step ahead?

Accelerate diagnoses, personalize medicine, optimize pricing: will the next healthcare wonders be provided by quantum computing?

Closing remarks and end of the conference



Head of Government Affairs



Unit Head, Data and Digital Health, European region



Chief Medical Officer


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