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The request

Mylan is a global pharmaceuticals company whose main activity is the marketing of generic drugs. Mylan’s Public Affairs Director being a member of DII’s Global Public Affairs Club (GPAC), it is quite natural that he turned to the agency with his need to train his European Public Affairs team. Mylan wanted to organize 2 quick digital training sessions to train its teams on European policies with respect to the Covid-19 crisis and on ways to find new strategies when traditional lobbying is impossible.

DII’s answer

DII therefore suggested to organize 2 one-hour webinars on different subjects in order to train the 20 people of the public affairs team. The agency managed the project from start to finish: reception and qualification of the needs, programming, speakers and moderator recruitment, technical software management, events delivery followed by post-events satisfaction analysis. The entire Mylan public affairs team was able to take advantage of two quick training sessions on key and updated subjects between theory, case studies and Q/A sessions thanks to the agency’s quick pace.