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The request

Google France has been working with DII for several years to increase its lead generation through strategic dinners and workshops organized by the agency. Thanks to this collaboration, Google asked DII to further support its teams in its new customer retention strategy, upsales and adsales. Google wanted to better understand their needs in order to improve their loyalty through customer surveys.

What were Google’s goals for this study? A user experience analysis to identify customer retention opportunities during the onboarding period, as well as a more optimal identification of their expectations.

DII’s answer

DII suggested that Google set up a qualitative study with its B2B customers to highlight their needs and expectations. The priority was to identify as best as possible the potential reasons for customers leaving Google solutions after the onboarding phase.

In order to collect the best results, the agency set up a mix of formats: a 10-questions digital survey sent to clients followed by a 20-minutes telephone survey to collect more qualitative and detailed information. Therefore, in two months, DII was able to collect 40 answers from Google customers (questionnaires and telephone interviews) and analyze all the results before providing a full report to Google with relevant KPIs and supporting verbatims. Besides its analysis, the agency played an advisory role with its recommendations to Google.