How to use events to
accelerate your Thought Leadership strategy?

10 steps to boost your strategy, courtesy of DII – POLITICO Executive Network

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Events are a powerful tool to support your Thought Leadership strategyespecially when trying to reach C-level audiences.

By organizing richinnovative and compelling eventsyou can position your company as a trusted expert and influence the choices of key decision-makers

In this White Paper, we will present 10 key points to help you actively build your Thought Leader position and achieve concrete results using events.

About DII – POLITICO Executive Network

A complete player in professional information for European decision-makers since 1993, DII – POLITICO Executive Network is the B2B event & editorial content agency of the POLITICO group. Our agency specializes in the animation of communities of senior executives, and produces over 150 events annually for its own account or on behalf of customers, all aimed at C-level audiences (Data, Finance, Customer Experience, Communication, Public Affairs, Impact & Sustainability, Healthcare, Pharmacovigilance, Recovery &

Our team supports over 170 clients each year in the development and deployment of their thought leadership, advocacy or lead generation strategies.