DII Conference

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The request

Many service providers seek to improve their brand’s visibility, their expertise and their products among decisionmakers. Some have become partners of DII’s annual conferences in order to promote their services and access a qualified audience.

Known to all European decisionmakers as a networking hub, DII commits to increase its partners’ visibility, to highlight their expertise and to generate leads to accelerate their business growth strategies.

DII’s answer

For nearly 30 years the agency has been organizing annual conferences on key companies’ positions or lines of business in prestigious locations. Thanks to its editorial excellence and its highly qualified database, DII designs up-to-date programs and selects innovative speakers. On average, 50 CxOs gather on the day of the event to collect new information, share insights and discuss best practices and experiences.

Associating your brand with a DII event means increasing your brand awareness among targeted European decisionmakers together with a unique speaking arrangement and high-quality networking. The marketing campaigns displayed around DII events, allow our partners to generate ultra-qualified leads with executives who are difficult to reach.

“Really refreshing and energizing, interest for networking.”

Innovation Director Conference 2020 – Frédéric Niola, Global Innovation Director, CARGILL