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The request

Gras Savoye, a part of Willis Towers Watson since 2015, is a French insurance and reinsurance brokerage company. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Gras Savoye asked DII to remotely train part of its teams on the fundamentals of compliance and 2020 regulatory news. Indeed, Gras Savoye wanted to make the most of its teams’ availability during this period of remote working and / or partial unemployment to train them. Simultaneously, another need was identified: to produce and adapt training materials that already exist within the company and render them fun and engaging e-learning modules.

DII’s answer

In order to meet Gras Savoye’s request and train its teams, the agency deployed its educational and training expertise to create 3 web conferences, each one lasting three hours. These 100% virtual conferences were intended to train over 150 employees and addressed topics related to compliance, sanctions and the European regulatory arsenal. DII handled the entire service, from programming to trainer’s recruitment all the way to implementation and logistics delivery. These three web-meetings, delivered with the creation of the two e-learning modules, enabled Gras Savoye to keep training its employees remotely and to strengthen the teams’ cohesion in these times of crisis.